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Every diamond is unique. Each reflects the story of its arduous journey from deep inside the earth to a cherished object of adornment. Yet all diamonds share certain features that allow us to compare and evaluate them. These features are called the 4Cs.  At Bowers Jewelry, we take pride in sharing our knowledge with customers and helping them understand the amazing and unique features of individual diamonds. 

The Gemological Institute of America developed the 4Cs and the International Diamond Grading System™, the standard used around the globe.  Expert gemologists examine each diamond under controlled lighting and viewing conditions, in order to provide the most rigorous assessments of a diamond’s 4Cs.  Our gemologists grade to GIA standards, the most stringent and precise in the industry.  We offer diamonds with GIA certificates, as well as diamonds with reports from other reputable laboratories such as EGL USA and AGS.  Selecting a diamond is truly an experience to take in with your eyes, as each diamond has its own unique characteristics and beauty.  We look forward to showing you the technical details and the incredible brilliance and beauty of the diamonds we offer!

Learn more about the 4Cs of Diamond Quality.